ZWO Model

Zero Waste Operations (ZWO) Model


Economic sustainability means your business operates utilizing lean techniques thriving against the toughest competitors and challenging economic times. Environmental sustainability means your operational systems are in balance with earth’s ability to provide raw materials and process wastes. We have proven the solution to both economic and environmental sustainability to be the elimination of waste. We have done the research to prove synergy between lean and green systems and developed our Zero Waste Operations (ZWO) model based on industry best practices

The ZWO Model is divided into four major parts to encompass all that is needed to ensure a successful improvement culture and sustainable results throughout your organization.

The Management System defines organizational leaders’ commitment, roles, objectives and goals for achieving economic and environmental sustainability.

The Dirty Dozen Wastes are the combination of lean’s seven deadly wastes with the five environmental wastes that are detrimental to sustainability. Waste identification tools are utilized to identify operational and environmental wastes in your value stream and get to their root causes.

Waste Reducing Techniques are proven solutions to eliminating the dirty dozen wastes and include a set of techniques that directly reduces wastes in the process, product and value chain.

Measurable Business Results are realized through successful ZWO system implementation, and help management realign improvement efforts for optimal attainment of business objectives.